Excercising the ego

I operate out of an ego spectrum. I just invented that. “Ego Spectrum”. Sounds awesome. Some points of my day im helping little old ladies cross the street with groceries, at other times im screaming at the guy cooking my food because hes not listening to what ive asked for a thousand times. 

I have tried the weak ego thing. “you must kill the ego!” You know what? If you want people to walk all over you and you believe you are doing a great thing for humanity by becoming a doormat, all the power to you! Its not practical and it weakens you.

The truth is never found in extremes, ever. This is something of a personal ethos for me that I’ve always operated from. Sometimes I push, sometimes I pull. Sometimes I speak up, sometimes I remain silent.  The point is, i choose to do whatever I do and I fully know why. I dont blindly try to kill my ego because some guru tells me to. 

I really want to explore this topic more as I think there is a perverse understanding of what role our ego plays into our daily experience and how we can use the ego to selflessly advance our own interests without walking over others.


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