Post snowstorm

Just sat down after taking the dog outside. I think we ended up with just over a foot of snow, which has been coming down almost 12 hours straight. 

Looking back to my childhood I always remember that I loved snow, but the dreaded “winter blues” has seemed to couch-lock me again for most of the day today. There is this bittersweet love/hate that fights constantly inside my head and body. I love the smell of the snow, but hate the lack of sunlight.  I know I need the sunlight, but I hate the sun. I know it makes no sense to some of you, but in a way ive grown to enjoy the dark and dreary in some kind of sick and twisted relationship inside my head. I just cant explain it. Its something I love to hate.

Today was a minimalist activity day for me. Shoveled the walkway, took the dog out, went to the bathroom, wasted many hours on the computer checking on employment opportunities incessantly. I know my chemicals are off. 

What was the like for you? Snowstorm or not, let me know if you struggled or breezed through. I greatly encourage dialogue here because we can help each other and hopefully spread awareness of mental illness worldwide. 

Love you all


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